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Custom doll for 'apeekintochaos'

£50.00 (Sold out)

This sweet little doll wears a cute ditsy flower print in greeny blue tones.
She is filled with pure British wool and has soft deep red natural mohair hair in bunches.

She is carefully handcrafted from start to finish here in N Ireland using fine Irish linen, soft de Witte doll jersey and printed cotton. She also wears tiny handknitted bloomers.
30 cms / 12 inches tall

Willing Barkis toys are made with the best quality materials and have reinforced seams. They make wonderful companions and really are made to last.

CE safety marked

Chlid friendly doll blush will fade with time or washing but can be reapplied using a doll blush crayon such as the ones available from stockmar.