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Chunky Cashmere Hat + Mittens set 0-12m


Beautifully soft and warm hand knitted hat and mittens in soft grey cashmere. Size 0-12m. The yarn is the excellent quality 'Rowan Cashmere' -95% Cashmere 5% Wool which gets even softer each time you wash it. Cashmere is the king of yarns because besides being supersoft it is extremely warm yet very light weight - all perfect for little ones!
Knitted on circular needles so there are no seams at all!
New babies grow so quickly so this pattern has become a favourite here- the hat brim can be rolled up for a tiny new baby and unrolled as the baby grows in the following months.  The rib cuffs on the mittens can also be turned up or unfolded so baby gets plenty of wear.