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Baby Bunnies - middle sized


These sweet baby bunnies come with a soft cotton carrot
Our Willing Barkis lovable soft bunnies are a modern take on waldorf dolls. Handmade with beautiful natural fabrics, they are the perfect friends for your little one or anyone who loves a soft companion.
They are handmade with high quality De Witte doll jersey and have soft plush ears and are filled with non-allergenic filler.
Each bunny holds a carrot but you can also tuck in a childs favourite blanky or muslin square under the bunnies clasped paws :)
Bunny measures 32cms long - ear tip to toe.
Ethically made in Northern Ireland, CE marked and suitable for all ages.

The doll is best hand washed or sponged down but can be machine washed at a cool temperature on a gentle cycle if it gets badly soiled.  Doll blush on cheeks will fade with washing or over time.