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By Suzy, Mar 27 2017 10:57AM

Merino wool doesn’t have the itchy feel of some wools and due to its ultrafine fibres is soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin.

The fibres are naturally crimped forming tiny air pockets making it extremely breathable. This excellent temperature regulating quality makes it perfect for baby garments. It keeps you warm when the weather is cold and cool when it’s hot. These crimped fibres also make merino super stretchy so it’s extra comfortable to wear.

Merino also has natural antibacterial and fire resistant properties and even provides high levels of UV protection and if that isn’t enough it’s also really easy to care for. You can wash it in the machine and dries very quickly.

Any natural product in a field of synthetic mass production is going to be more expensive but No synthetic fibre can guarantee the same benefits and comfort or aesthetic satisfaction that merino can.

It looks good and feels even better – what more could you want for your baby.

• Wash on a 30°C wool cycle only.

• Can we washed gently by hand in tepid water with a short spin.

• Wash dark colours separately.

• Reshape while damp.

• Do not bleach.

• Dry naturally - they do take 24 hours to air dry properly.

• Do not dry on direct heat such as a radiator or Aga.

• Do not tumble dry.

• Wash in a net bag or pillow case.

• Can be ironed

By Suzy, Feb 20 2017 11:06AM

Caring for your lovely cashmere.....
Caring for your lovely cashmere.....

Comfort is of the utmost importance when you are choosing clothes for a baby but you need something practical too.

Cashmere is the softest of all fibres. Nothing could be lovelier for a little one to snuggle up in...It’s one and a half times warmer than wool but it is temperature regulating too so you won't overheat. It's softer than soft and perfect for a baby.

The fibres come from a very soft undercoat on a Kashmir goat. You don’t get much from each goat which is why it is more expensive than other yarns but its worth it - every penny.

Cashmere is super kind on the skin and it can be machine washed! It's a lovely choice for the most special gift ever.

Follow a few simple rules and you'll get great results and prolong the life of your garment.

It’s better to wash your cashmere rather than dry clean it. Dry cleaning may reduce the life of your garment.

To Machine Wash use the hand-wash or wool setting on your machine at the lowest temperature with a suitable wool detergent. For small garments wash in a laundry bag if you have one. Reshape whilst damp and dry flat by laying it on a towel to dry. Dry at room temperature and don’t tumble dry.

But if you’re worried about putting your cashmere into your washing machine you can hand wash it instead.

To Hand Wash use lukewarm water (never hot) and a baby shampoo, or mild wool detergent. Never scrub your cashmere, but gently squeeze the soapy water through your garment until clean. Rinse well and gently squeeze out the water. Never wring your cashmere. Reshape whilst damp and dry flat by laying it on a towel to dry. Dry at room temperature and don’t tumble dry.

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